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Home Health

Parkside Plus is a Home Health Agency owned and operated by Parkside Homes, Inc. Services are available to help residents on campus or in the community to remain independent longer.

In addition to our high quality home care services, Parkside Plus Home Health relieves you of the significant burdens and risks associated with directly employing home care personnel by taking care of many of the details for you.

  • Parkside Plus Home Health will establish an affordable plan of care based on your individual needs.
  • We eliminate the cost of advertising, screening and hiring personnel. As the employer, we are responsible for want ads, interviewing and the time spent selecting the home care professionals you need.
  • Parkside Plus Home Health relieves you from managing employee payroll and payroll taxes. We are responsible for employee wages and legally required taxes while you receive a simple, convenient monthly invoice for services rendered.
  • We minimize liabilities associated with professionals working in your home. Parkside Plus Home Health provides Workers' Compensation, unemployment and professional liability insurance for our staff, thereby reducing your exposure to potentially costly employee claims.